General discussion

Titmuss, [No Value] and Mao, Kai and Reinhoudt, [No Value] and Ulijn, [No Value] and Matile, [No Value] and Aufderhorst-Roberts, [No Value] and Ikkala, [No Value] and Huskens, [No Value] and Sen, Satadru and Whitesides, [No Value] and Colquhoun, Gary and Faul, [No Value] and Woolfson, Richard and Fery, [No Value] and Sporer, [No Value] and Chau, C. and Hu, Zushu and Channon, [No Value] and Carew, Jennifer S and Munz, W.D. and Hayes, Gillian and Harries, Stefan and Shaffer, B.W. and Steinke, D.T. and Ahangar, [No Value] and Burattini, [No Value] and Pinol, [No Value] and Ulijn, Rein (2009) General discussion. Faraday Discussions, 143. pp. 359-372. ISSN 1364-5498

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Publication of a general discussion as part of the soft nanotechnology issue


Titmuss, [No Value], Mao, Kai, Reinhoudt, [No Value], Ulijn, [No Value], Matile, [No Value], Aufderhorst-Roberts, [No Value], Ikkala, [No Value], Huskens, [No Value], Sen, Satadru, Whitesides, [No Value], Colquhoun, Gary, Faul, [No Value], Woolfson, Richard, Fery, [No Value], Sporer, [No Value], Chau, C., Hu, Zushu, Channon, [No Value], Carew, Jennifer S, Munz, W.D., Hayes, Gillian, Harries, Stefan, Shaffer, B.W., Steinke, D.T., Ahangar, [No Value], Burattini, [No Value], Pinol, [No Value] and Ulijn, Rein ORCID logoORCID:;