Action research for the study of organizations

Eden, Colin and Huxham, Christine; Clegg, S and Hardy, C and Nord, W, eds. (1996) Action research for the study of organizations. In: Handbook of organization studies. Sage, Beverly Hills, pp. 526-542.

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Action research for the study of organizations In common with other forms of qualitative research (Miles and Huberman 1984; Strauss and Corbin 1990; Gummesson 1991; Denzin and Lincoln 1994), action research has become increasingly prominent among researchers involved in the study of organizations as an espoused paradigm used to justify the validity of a range of research outputs. The term is sometimes used rather loosely to cover a variety of approaches. In this chapter we shall use the term to embody research which, broadly, results from an involvement by the researcher with members of an organization over a matter which is of genuine concern to them and in which there is an intent by the organization members to take action based on the intervention.