Environmental and social assessment in finance

Coulson, Andrea and O'Sullivan, Niamh; Unerman, J and O'Dwyer, B and Bebbington, J, eds. (2013) Environmental and social assessment in finance. In: Sustainability Accounting and Accountability. Routledge. ISBN 978-0-415-69557-2 (In Press)

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The management and balancing of social, environmental and economic sustainability is one of the most complex and urgent challenges facing both private and public sector organizations today; with these challenges of sustainability posing many risks to, but also providing many opportunities for, advancing the aims and performance of organizations. Accounting and accountability processes and practices provide key tools to help organizations more effectively identify and manage the risks and opportunities from sustainability. This new edition of Sustainability Accounting and Accountability updates the insights on these issues from the first edition, incorporating the rapid developments in both theory and practice since the first edition was published. Whilst the popular features from the first edition will be retained, several chapters are combined, condensed and reorganized and new substantive chapters are introduced on water resource accounting, carbon accounting, and decision making. With contributions from a global cast of experts, the book will continue to be a key resource for lecturers and students on the increasing number of university courses delivered in many counties that focus on these issues, as well as being a key resource for researchers.