The Paris Embassy : British Ambassadors and Anglo French Relations

Pastor-Castro, Rogelia and Young, John, eds. (2013) The Paris Embassy : British Ambassadors and Anglo French Relations. Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.. ISBN 9780230301559 (In Press)

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Few themes in post-war British foreign policy feature more prominently than relations with the European Union, which themselves have been shaped, to a large extent, by relations with France. Yet, most accounts of bilateral relations between these two countries focus either on background factors to the relationship, or else on contacts at the highest level, between presidents and prime ministers. It is easy to overlook the importance of the resident embassy as the institution that handles day-to-day contacts between them. This collection of essays charts and analyses the activities of British Ambassadors in Paris, from the Second World War to the advent of Margaret Thatcher's government. It combines an examination of policy with a consideration of the role of individual envoys and provides a case study of the significance of the permanent mission to modern diplomatic practice.