Constant beamwidth generalised sidelobe canceller

Koh, C.L. and Weiss, S. (2006) Constant beamwidth generalised sidelobe canceller. In: IEEE 13th Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing, 1900-01-01.

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    In this paper, we proposed a constant beamwidth discrete Fourier transform (DFT) beamformer based on the generalised sidelobe canceller (GSC). Broadband signals are decomposed into frequency bins which are grouped into octaves and tapered individually. The resulting beampattern possesses constant beamwidth across the entire operating spectrum, thus ensuring uniform spatial resolution. Further incorporation of the GSC allows adaptive nulling of interference to coincide with uniform resolution, enhancing the beamformer’s performance. However, modification to the constraint equation of the standard GSC is required to account for the frequency-dependent weighting of sensors.