Database management for high resolution condition monitoring of wind turbines

Zaher, Ammar and Cruden, A.J. and Booth, C.D. and Leithead, W.E. (2009) Database management for high resolution condition monitoring of wind turbines. In: The 44th International Universities' Power Engineering Conference, 2009-09-01 - 2009-09-04. (

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Wind turbine condition monitoring (CM) is an area of research which has been receiving a large amount of attention in the recent years. This has been influenced mainly by the recent uptake of wind farms being installed around the country. Operational and maintenance expertise in the area of wind turbine CM is therefore seen to be of growing importance but is yet to be well established in the industry due to its unverified economic benefits. The majority of the research which can be found in the literature has been based on simulation or test rig data, often due to the lack of availability of extensive historical data sets containing 'interesting' events, as well as the difficulties associated in gaining access to such data, due to its commercially sensitive nature. It can not be readily claimed, nor shown that laboratory based testing or simulations actually reflect real turbine operation, due to scaling, control and dynamic considerations. In order that different patterns of machine deterioration can be determined and detected in their incipient stages, precise high resolution data, of existing monitored parameters, should be sampled at frequencies higher than that is typically available in the integrated SCADA systems installed in most modern turbines today. This paper reports the design of a data acquisition platform which will be mounted on a 660 kW VESTAS V47 wind turbine. Details of the monitoring equipment used, the installation requirements as well as the system architecture will be presented and discussed.