Absolute calibration of Fujifilm BAS-TR image plate response to laser driven protons up to 40 MeV

Martin, P. and Ahmed, H. and Doria, D. and Alejo, A. and Clarke, R. and Ferguson, S. and Fernández-Tobias, J. and Freeman, R. R. and Fuchs, J. and Green, A. and Green, J. S. and Gwynne, D. and Hanton, F. and Jarrett, J. and Jung, D. and Kakolee, K. F. and Krygier, A. G. and Lewis, C. L. S. and McIlvenny, A. and McKenna, P. and Morrison, J. T. and Najmudin, Z. and Naughton, K. and Nersisyan, G. and Norreys, P. and Notley, M. and Roth, M. and Ruiz, J. A. and Scullion, C. and Zepf, M. and Zhai, S. and Borghesi, M. and Kar, S. (2022) Absolute calibration of Fujifilm BAS-TR image plate response to laser driven protons up to 40 MeV. Review of Scientific Instruments, 93 (5). 053303. ISSN 0034-6748 (https://doi.org/10.1063/5.0089402)

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Image plates (IPs) are a popular detector in the field of laser driven ion acceleration, owing to their high dynamic range and reusability. An absolute calibration of these detectors to laser-driven protons in the routinely produced tens of MeV energy range is, therefore, essential. In this paper, the response of Fujifilm BAS-TR IPs to 1–40 MeV protons is calibrated by employing the detectors in high resolution Thomson parabola spectrometers in conjunction with a CR-39 nuclear track detector to determine absolute proton numbers. While CR-39 was placed in front of the image plate for lower energy protons, it was placed behind the image plate for energies above 10 MeV using suitable metal filters sandwiched between the image plate and CR-39 to select specific energies. The measured response agrees well with previously reported calibrations as well as standard models of IP response, providing, for the first time, an absolute calibration over a large range of proton energies of relevance to current experiments.


Martin, P., Ahmed, H., Doria, D., Alejo, A., Clarke, R., Ferguson, S., Fernández-Tobias, J., Freeman, R. R., Fuchs, J., Green, A., Green, J. S., Gwynne, D., Hanton, F., Jarrett, J., Jung, D., Kakolee, K. F., Krygier, A. G., Lewis, C. L. S., McIlvenny, A., McKenna, P. ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8061-7091, Morrison, J. T., Najmudin, Z., Naughton, K., Nersisyan, G., Norreys, P., Notley, M., Roth, M., Ruiz, J. A., Scullion, C., Zepf, M., Zhai, S., Borghesi, M. and Kar, S.;