Handbook of Innovation for Sustainable Tourism

Booyens, Irma and Brouder, Patrick, eds. (2022) Handbook of Innovation for Sustainable Tourism. Research Handbooks in Tourism . Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. ISBN 9781800372740 (https://www.e-elgar.com/shop/gbp/handbook-of-innov...)

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Offering conceptual, empirical and policy contributions from leading international scholars in the field, this comprehensive Handbook investigates a broad range of innovations and new approaches to tourism aimed at enhancing sustainability. Examining the ongoing competitiveness that exists in 21st century tourism within a global market environment, chapters expand the debate on how innovation can tackle current challenges including providing clean energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With climate change and environmental degradation intensifying, this Handbook reviews the urgent system changes needed, as well as considering social dimensions in order to provide cohesion between innovation and tourism. Furthermore, it highlights the important role of policy and governance to allow collective action for the public good while paying greater attention to human values. Researchers and scholars of tourism studies, including tourism management and tourism geography, will find the suggested innovations and debates informative and illustrative. This innovative Handbook will also be an excellent guide for practitioners and policy makers embedding new and improved 'ways of doing' to promote and provide for sustainable tourism.