Three-dimensional modeling and simulation of muscle tissue puncture process

Lv, Zongkai and Song, Qinghua and Gao, Fan and Liu, Zhanqiang and Wan, Yi and Jiang, Yonghang (2022) Three-dimensional modeling and simulation of muscle tissue puncture process. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 35 (1). 40. ISSN 1000-9345 (

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Needle biopsy is an essential part of modern clinical medicine. The puncture accuracy and sampling success rate of puncture surgery can be effectively improved through virtual surgery. There are few three-dimensional puncture (3D) models, which have little significance for surgical guidance under complicated conditions and restrict the development of virtual surgery. In this paper, a 3D simulation of the muscle tissue puncture process is studied. Firstly, the mechanical properties of muscle tissue are measured. The Mooney-Rivlin (M-R) model is selected by considering the fitting accuracy and calculation speed. Subsequently, an accurate 3D dynamic puncture model is established. The failure criterion is used to define the breaking characteristics of the muscle, and the bilinear cohesion model defines the breaking process. Experiments with different puncture speeds are carried out through the built in vitro puncture platform. The experimental results are compared with the simulation results. The experimental and simulated reaction force curves are highly consistent, which verifies the accuracy of the model. Finally, the model under different parameters is studied. The simulation results of varying puncture depths and puncture speeds are analyzed. The 3D puncture model can provide more accurate model support for virtual surgery and help improve the success rate of puncture surgery.