The influence of water form on urban fabric - A case study in Nanjing Baguazhou

Liang, Ying and Liu, Quan; (2022) The influence of water form on urban fabric - A case study in Nanjing Baguazhou. In: Annual Conference Proceedings of the XXVIII International Seminar on Urban Form. University of Strathclyde Publishing, Glasgow, pp. 338-345. ISBN 9781914241161

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The classical urban morphology focused on artificial elements, while the ignored natural factors, especially water system, have a very important impact on the formation of urban form. We took Baguazhou, Nanjing, China as a study case, to discuss the intimate relationship between the evolution of the river system, road system and building fabric of Baguazhou. Through geography study and historical maps analysis, this paper figures out the formation process of the river system of Baguazhou in Yangtze River. Then, this paper represents the water system transformation, residential developing process by literature reviews. Finally, with the typology study of series of slices of typical river, we analyse the layout relationship between river, roads and buildings, so that proving the influence of river shape on the formation of urban fabric.

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