A discussion with Jeremy Peat on the current crisis and where we are heading next [Podcast] EP29

Congreve, Emma and Roy, Graeme and Peat, Jeremy (2020) A discussion with Jeremy Peat on the current crisis and where we are heading next [Podcast] EP29. Fraser of Allander Institute, Glasgow.

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Emma Congreve and Graeme Roy were joined by the distinguished economist Jeremy Peat to discuss the current economic situation and how things are looking over the next few months and years. We discussed the challenges that are ahead, including the virus re-emerging on a large scale, and in terms of issues around those businesses and people who will be most affected by the crisis and how government policy will need to react going forward. We also talked a little about the FAI article published this week where we looked at the shape of the recovery, and the divergence that is likely to continue between sectors and people affected. Lastly, we talked about how Edinburgh as a city has been impacted, particularly in light of the cancellation of the Edinburgh Festivals in 2020, but also recognising that year-round tourism is an important part of the Edinburgh economy. Most importantly, we also heard from Jeremy how the Edinburgh Zoo pandas are getting on! Timestamp (0:58) What is your take on the current situation (JP) (5:11) Is worse yet to come? (GR) (9:16) How has the policy response been and what will they need to do next at the UK level (JP) (14:00) Reflections on the policy response in Scotland (JP & GR) (19:30) Thinking about the recovery (EC, GR, JP) (26:58) Edinburgh as a microcosm of the challenges facing the economy (EC, JP)