Election podcast #2 with special guest Peter MacMahon [Podcast] EP44

Spowage, Mairi and Congreve, Emma and MacMahon, Peter (2021) Election podcast #2 with special guest Peter MacMahon [Podcast] EP44. Fraser of Allander Institute, Glasgow.

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We’re back for out second election podcast, sneaking in here just before the Easter weekend. In this week’s podcast, Mairi Spowage and Emma Congreve reflect on the first full week of the election campaign and the themes that came up in this week’s leaders debate. We also have a guest segment from Peter MacMahon, ITV Border’s Political Editor, to talk about the big political themes as well as what is on table policy wise this election, nationally and in the south of Scotland specifically. Timestamps: (00:44) Doubling the Scottish Child Payment (Emma) (06:25) Carer and disability social security powers (Emma) (08:28) Guest segment with Peter MacMahon (16:56) Universal Basic Income (Mairi) (21:28) Update on the economy this week (Mairi) Links Understanding Social Security in Scotland: Working age disability and carer benefits https://fraserofallander.org/understanding-social-security-in-scotland-working-age-disability-and-carer-benefits/ Election 2021 Issue brief: Universal Basic Income https://fraserofallander.org/election-2021-issue-brief-universal-basic-income/ Household incomes and the 2021 election https://fraserofallander.org/election-2021-issue-brief-universal-basic-income/ The economic backdrop to the Scottish election https://fraserofallander.org/the-economic-backdrop-to-the-scottish-election/