High noon for the Union? The 2021 Scottish election

Curtice, John (2020) High noon for the Union? The 2021 Scottish election. IPPR Progressive Review. ISSN 2573-2331 (https://doi.org/10.1111/newe.12217)

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Next May, the SNP will be defending a fourteen year record in office in Edinburgh. Typically, governments find it difficult to secure electoral success in such circumstances. The 'costs of government' – the almost inevitable gap between a party's initial promises and voters' perceptions of what has actually been achieved – usually take their toll at the ballot box (Green and Jennings, 2017). Yet, even though the SNP administration has had its fair share of difficulties and disappointments during its now lengthy time in office, just how well it has met the challenges of the last 14 years may come to matter little in voters' minds when they decide how to cast their ballot.


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