Games and strategies as event structures

Castellan, Simon and Clairambault, Pierre and Rideau, Silvain and Winskel, Glynn (2017) Games and strategies as event structures. Logical Methods in Computer Science, 13 (3). 35. ISSN 1860-5974 (

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In 2011, Rideau and Winskel introduced concurrent games and strategies as event structures, generalizing prior work on causal formulations of games. In this paper we give a detailed, self-contained and slightly-updated account of the results of Rideau and Winskel: a notion of pre-strategy based on event structures; a characterisation of those pre-strategies (deemed strategies) which are preserved by composition with a copycat strategy; and the construction of a bicategory of these strategies. Furthermore, we prove that the corresponding category has a compact closed structure, and hence forms the basis for the semantics of concurrent higher-order computation.