Tools for exploring the unknowable : intuition vs. artificial intelligence

Dörfler, Viktor and Bas, Alina (2020) Tools for exploring the unknowable : intuition vs. artificial intelligence. In: Academy of Management Annual Conference 2020, 2020-08-07 - 2020-08-11, Vancouver.

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Our inquiry began by attempting to understand whether there are contexts in which human intuition consistently outperforms Artificial Intelligence (AI) in producing successful pathways for action. In order to figure this out, in this paper we distinguish between known, unknown (but knowable), and unknowable situations, using the Knightian uncertainty as our departure point. It appears that in the known realm, AI can outperform intuition, if used properly, while in the unknown both intuition and AI can be useful. By processing the data and identifying patters, AI can make an unknown setting known. In the unknowable realm, intuition, particularly intuitive wayfinding, may be our most promising mode of exploring, as AI does not have enough to work with. Therefore, we are particularly curious to explore whether human intuition may be a better tool than AI for exploring the unknowable, and we suggest that this is where intuition research should focus in the near future.


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