Attraction to men and women predicts sexual dimorphism preferences

Batres, Carlota and Jones, Benedict C. and Perrett, David I. (2020) Attraction to men and women predicts sexual dimorphism preferences. International Journal of Sexual Health, 32 (1). pp. 57-63. ISSN 1931-762X

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    Objectives: Sexual orientation categories are commonly differentiated in the partner preference literature. Yet little is known about how the variability within each category influences partner preferences. Methods: We investigated women’s (N = 27,611) preferences for sexual dimorphism in male faces in relation to self-reports of sexual attraction to men/women (from ‘not at all’ to ‘very’). Results: Self-identified heterosexual women reported considerable variation in sexual attraction levels. We found that sexual dimorphism preferences related positively with attraction to men and negatively with attraction to women. Conclusions: Such variability in women’s sexuality should be taken into account when investigating partner preferences.

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