Reliability engineering based on operating data and monitoring systems within technical products : challenges, requirements and approaches

Bracke, S. and Hinz, M. and van Gulijk, C. and Gronwald, F. and Muenker, M. and Inoue, M. and Yamada, S. and Patelli, E. and Ulutas, B. and Bonato, M. and Yamada, T.; Haugen, Stein and Barros, Anne and van Gulijk, Coen and Kongsvik, Trond and Vinnem, Jan Erik, eds. (2018) Reliability engineering based on operating data and monitoring systems within technical products : challenges, requirements and approaches. In: Safety and Reliability – Safe Societies in a Changing World. CRC Press, NOR, pp. 1069-1076. ISBN 9780815386827 (

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The development process of complex technical products of the last years shows an increasing amount of sensors, electronic control units, data logging and monitoring systems within consumer goods (e.g. automobiles, washing machines) and industrial goods (e.g. machine tools, manufacturing sys-tems). In many cases, the main goal of data logging is monitoring, controlling and optimisation of the product functionalities within the usage phase. A further aim is the fulfilment of the process capability of manufacturing processes. Therefore, the layout of the concept of operating data logging and monitoring systems—especially operating data (mainly type, volume, and format) as well as hardware (like sensors and storage)-is designed by the development engineer within the product concept development phase. This paper discusses challenges, requirements and approaches for future conceptual design of operating data logging concepts of technical products related to reliability engineering. Base of operations is the state of art. Based on that, the concept for operating data logging within a monitoring system is shown. The concept draft is subdivided in three parts which are divided as follows: part one deals with data analytics, part two contains data requirements, and part three focuses on hardware requirements. The presented research study was worked out on the international research platform “Computational Reliability Engineering in Product Development and Manufacturing (CRE) – 2017” and contains contributions of universities, institutes and original equipment manufacturers of industrial nations: Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey and France.


Bracke, S., Hinz, M., van Gulijk, C., Gronwald, F., Muenker, M., Inoue, M., Yamada, S., Patelli, E. ORCID logoORCID:, Ulutas, B., Bonato, M. and Yamada, T.; Haugen, Stein, Barros, Anne, van Gulijk, Coen, Kongsvik, Trond and Vinnem, Jan Erik