A high-power Ka-band free electron maser, defined by a 2D – 1D Bragg lasing cavity

MacInnes, Philip and Konoplev, Ivan V. and Cross, Adrian W. and He, Wenlong and Yin, Helen and Whyte, Colin G. and Robertson, Craig W. and Ronald, Kevin and Phelps, Alan D. R.; (2012) A high-power Ka-band free electron maser, defined by a 2D – 1D Bragg lasing cavity. In: 2012 Abstracts IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science. IEEE, GBR. ISBN 9781457721274

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    One of the on-going research programs, at the University of Strathclyde, involves the development of high-power, pulsed, Free-Electron Masers (FEMs) with the lasing cavity defined using periodic corrugations on the drift-tube walls 1-4 . These corrugations form 1D and 2D Bragg resonators, whose reflection bands determine the dominant resonance of the maser 5 . Proper selection of the FEM undulator magnetic field strength, allows for efficient extraction of energy from a mildly relativistic (400 - 500 keV) electron beam at the resonant frequency of the lasing cavity, leading to monochromatic output at power levels of several tens of megawatts and pulse durations of ~150ns (determined primarily by the pulse duration of the driving power supply of ~250ns).

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