Simple calix[n]arenes and calix[4]resorcinarenes as drug solubilizing agents

Hoskins, Clare and Curtis, Anthony D.M. (2015) Simple calix[n]arenes and calix[4]resorcinarenes as drug solubilizing agents. Journal of Nanomedicine Research, 2 (3). 00028.

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    Many drug molecules have low solubility in aqueous media and, hence, poor bioavailability. The formation of a host-guest complex with some other compound which has a good solubility profile can facilitate solubilization of hydrophobic drugs. Complex formation relies upon the formation of non-covalent interactions between the host molecule and the drug guest. The use of calix[n]arenes, a well-characterized class of cyclic oligomers, has been investigated for their ability to form complexes with a variety of ionic and molecular species. This review highlights those studies which have demonstrated the potential of calix[n]arenes as host molecules in novel drug delivery systems.