Two-dimensional flexural ultrasonic phased array for flow measurement

Kang, Lei and Feeney, Andrew and Su, Riliang and Lines, David and Jager, Axel and Wang, Han and Arnaudov, Yavor and Ramadas, Sivaram Nishal and Kupnik, Mario and Dixon, Steve; (2017) Two-dimensional flexural ultrasonic phased array for flow measurement. In: 2017 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, IUS 2017. IEEE Computer Society Press, USA. ISBN 9781538633830

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    The arrival time detection probability and the measurement range of transit-time ultrasonic flow meters are undermined by the sound drift effect. One solution to this problem is utilizing a phased-array beam steering technique to compensate the bend of the ultrasonic beams. The design, the fabrication and the characterization of two-dimensional flexural ultrasonic phased arrays is investigated in this paper. A meter body with an inner diameter of 146 mmis machined to accommodate the arrays, and flow tests are carried out at different flow rates ranging from 0 to 2500 m3/h. Experimental results indicate that, with the increase of flow rate, the optimum steering angle of arrays increases from 30° to 40.5° when ultrasonic beams travel upstream and decreases from 30° to 22.5° when ultrasonic beams travel downstream. This proof-of-concept design demonstrates the potential of the flexural ultrasonic phased array as an accurate, economic, efficient, and robust solution for gas flow measurement.