3-Fluorobenzoic acid--4-acetylpyridine (1/1) at 100K

Craig, Gavin A. and Thomas, Lynne H. and Adam, Martin S. and Ballantyne, Angela and Cairns, Andrew and Cairns, Stephen C. and Copeland, Gary and Harris, Clifford and McCalmont, Eve and McTaggart, Robert and Martin, Alan R. G. and Palmer, Sarah and Quail, Jenna and Saxby, Harriet and Sneddon, Duncan J. and Stewart, Graeme and Thomson, Neil and Whyte, Alex and Wilson, Chick C. and Parkin, Andrew (2009) 3-Fluorobenzoic acid--4-acetylpyridine (1/1) at 100K. Acta Crystallographica Section E, 65 (2). o380. (https://doi.org/810.1107/S1600536809002396)

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In the title compound, C$sb 7$H$sb 5$FO$sb 2$$C$sb 7$H$sb 7$NO, a moderate-strength hydrogen bond is formed between the carboxyl group of one molecule and the pyridine N atom of the other. The benzoic acid molecule is observed to be disordered over two positions with the second orientation only 4% occupied. This disorder is also reflected in the presence of diffuse scattering in the diffraction pattern.


Craig, Gavin A., Thomas, Lynne H., Adam, Martin S., Ballantyne, Angela, Cairns, Andrew, Cairns, Stephen C., Copeland, Gary, Harris, Clifford, McCalmont, Eve, McTaggart, Robert, Martin, Alan R. G. ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-2004-9456, Palmer, Sarah, Quail, Jenna, Saxby, Harriet, Sneddon, Duncan J., Stewart, Graeme, Thomson, Neil, Whyte, Alex, Wilson, Chick C. and Parkin, Andrew;