Optimal maintenance strategy for systems with two failure modes

Peng, Rui and Liu, Bin and Zhai, Qingqing and Wang, Wenbin (2019) Optimal maintenance strategy for systems with two failure modes. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 188. pp. 624-632. ISSN 0951-8320

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    This paper considers a single-unit system subject to two types of failures: a traditional catastrophic failure and a two-stage delayed failure. Periodic inspections are carried out to identify the defective stage of the two-stage failure process, whereas preventive replacements are implemented to avoid any potential failure due to the catastrophic failure mode. We construct a basic maintenance model and then extend it to the cases of imperfect inspections (i.e., inspections that do not always notice a defective state). We analyze the renewal process of the system and establish the expected long-run cost rate (ELRCR). The optimal inspection period and preventive replacement interval are determined by minimizing the ELRCR. A case study on infusion pumps is presented to illustrate the proposed model.