Механическое поведение меди, подвергнутой ударно-волновому нагружению

Konkova, T.H. and Salischev, G. (2008) Механическое поведение меди, подвергнутой ударно-волновому нагружению. In: XIX Ural School of material scientists, 2008-02-04 - 2008-02-08.

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Text (Konkova-Salischev-USMS-2008-Mechanical-behaviour-of-copper-subjected-to-shockwave)
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    High-speed deformation allows you to create increased stresses in the material and thereby activate new deformation and fracture mechanisms. The grain size of the material is also capable of changing the deformation mechanisms and its mechanical behavior. In this connection, the purpose of this work was to study the effect of grain size on structural changes and strength properties of copper subjected to high-speed deformation by the action of shock waves of various amplitudes.

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