Modelling pressure deficient water distribution networks in EPANET

Abdy Sayyed, M. A. H. and Gupta, R. and Tanyimboh, T. T. (2014) Modelling pressure deficient water distribution networks in EPANET. Procedia Engineering, 89. pp. 626-631. ISSN 1877-7058 (

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Nodal outflows in a pressure deficient water distribution network depend on available nodal heads. Thus, node-head flow relationship exists at each node which are solved along with other appropriate equations for simulation. While using EPANET for such simulation, source code needs to be modified to obtain direct solution. The other way is to use EPANET iteratively wherein node head-flow relationships are satisfied externally. Herein, a simple non-iterative method is suggested in which artificial string of Check Valve, Flow Control Valve, and Emitter are added in series at each demand node to model pressure deficient water distribution network.


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