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Characterization of 7Li(p, n) 7Be neutron yields from laser produced ion beams for fast neutron radiography

Lancaster, K. L. and Karsch, S. and Habara, H. and Beg, F. N. and Clark, E. L. and Freeman, R. and Key, M. H. and King, J. A. and Kodama, R. and Krushelnick, K. and Ledingham, K. W.D. and McKenna, P. and Murphy, C. D. and Norreys, P. A. and Stephens, R. and Stöeckl, C. and Toyama, Y. and Wei, M. S. and Zepf, M. (2004) Characterization of 7Li(p, n) 7Be neutron yields from laser produced ion beams for fast neutron radiography. Physics of Plasmas, 11 (7). pp. 3404-3408. ISSN 1070-664X

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    The VULCAN laser was used for investigating 7Li(p,n) 7Be reactions with the help of Cu and CH primary and LiF secondary targets. CR-39 plastic track detector measured the neutron yield which was 3×10 19 Wcm -2 for CH primary targets and up to 2×10 8 sr -1 for Cu primary targets. At various angles, the angular distribution of neutrons was measured that indicated a relatively anisotropic distribution of neutrons over 180°. The reactions were found to be fficient for neutron radiography on high repetition, table-top lasers.