Maintenance scheduling for multicomponent systems with hidden failures

Liu, Bin and Yeh, Ruey-Huei and Xie, Min and Kuo, Way (2017) Maintenance scheduling for multicomponent systems with hidden failures. IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 66 (4). pp. 1280-1292. ISSN 0018-9529

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    This paper develops a maintenance policy for a multicomponent system subject to hidden failures. Components of the system are assumed to suffer from hidden failures, which can only be detected at inspection. The objective of the maintenance policy is to determine the inspection intervals for each component such that the long-run cost rate is minimized. Due to the dependence among components, an exact optimal solution is difficult to obtain. Concerned with the intractability of the problem, a heuristic method named “base interval approach” is adopted to reduce the computational complexity. Performance of the base interval approach is analyzed, and the result shows that the proposed policy can approximate the optimal policy within a small factor. Two numerical examples are presented to illustrate the effectiveness of the policy.