All-risks counter-terrorist policing

Lennon, Genevieve; Lennon, Genevieve and King, Colin and McCartney, Carole, eds. (2018) All-risks counter-terrorist policing. In: Counter-terrorism and Miscarriages of Justice. Hart Publishing, London. ISBN 9781509915729

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Since his early work, Clive Walker has recognised the key role of not only criminalisation but also ‘control’ in relation to countering terrorism. Despite the oft-repeated mantra of the primacy of prosecution, it is control that dominates contemporary counter-terrorist strategies such as CONTEST. A constant theme through Walker’s writing has been the insistence that counter-terrorist laws, while sometimes justifiably exceptional, must adhere to constitutionalism. He is one of the very few scholars who has comprehensively analysed every aspect of UK counter-terrorist law. This expansive range of inquiry has led him to analyse the workings and limitations of all UK counter-terrorist policing powers. This chapter aims to draw together these three elements – policing, control and constitutionalism – by examining Walker’s concept of all-risks policing powers.


Lennon, Genevieve ORCID logoORCID:; Lennon, Genevieve, King, Colin and McCartney, Carole