A multi-faceted examination of the export product adaptation customer value creation relationship

Tsougkou, Eleni and Cadogan, John W. and Hodgkinson, Ian R. and Oliveira, João S. and Laukannen, Tommi and Yazdani, Nahid and Story, Vicky M. and Boso, Nathaniel (2018) A multi-faceted examination of the export product adaptation customer value creation relationship. In: Global Marketing Conference, 2018-07-26 - 2018-07-29, Hotel New Otani.

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Researchers have yet to investigate whether it is beneficial for exporters to engage in greater levels of product adaptation in their export operations, or whether there is some limit to the amount of adaptation exporters should engage in. We posit that customer value creation, a central marketing concept and a mechanism to achieving market and financial goals in business to business markets, is a core outcome of export product adaptation activities. In order to explore the routes by which adaptation may shape export customer value creation, we adopt a multi-faceted conceptualization of firm-level product adaptation, comprising export product adaptation (i) quantity, (ii) intensity and (iii) novelty. Drawing on survey data from 249 Finnish exporters involved in business-to-business activities, we find evidence to support the claim that the impact of export product adaptation on export customer value creation is contingent on various factors, and we identify instances where greater adaptation is beneficial for export customer value creation, and instances where greater export product adaptation is potentially harmful for export customer value creation.


Tsougkou, Eleni ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5083-4028, Cadogan, John W., Hodgkinson, Ian R., Oliveira, João S., Laukannen, Tommi, Yazdani, Nahid, Story, Vicky M. and Boso, Nathaniel;