Shape optimization of conductive-media interfaces using an IGA-BEM solver

Kostas, K.V. and Fyrillas, M.M. and Politis, C.G and Ginnis, A.I. and Kaklis, P.D. (2018) Shape optimization of conductive-media interfaces using an IGA-BEM solver. Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, 340. pp. 600-614. ISSN 0045-7825

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    In this paper, we present a method that combines the Boundary Element Method (BEM) with IsoGeometric Analysis (IGA) for numerically solving the system of Boundary Integral Equations (BIE) arising in the context of a 2-D steady-state heat conduction problem across a periodic interface separating two conducting and conforming media. Our approach leads to a fast solver with high convergence rate when compared with low-order BEM. Additionally, an optimization framework comprising a parametric model for the interface’s shape, our IGA-BEM solver, and evolutionary and gradient-based optimization algorithms is developed and tested. The optimization examples demonstrate the efficiency of the framework in generating optimum interfaces for maximizing heat transfer under various geometric constraints.