Complete coherent control of a quantum dot strongly coupled to a nanocavity

Dory, Constantin and Fischer, Kevin A. and Müller, Kai and Lagoudakis, Konstantinos G. and Sarmiento, Tomas and Rundquist, Armand and Zhang, Jingyuan L. and Kelaita, Yousif and Vučković, Jelena (2016) Complete coherent control of a quantum dot strongly coupled to a nanocavity. Scientific Reports, 6. 25172. ISSN 2045-2322

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    Strongly coupled quantum dot-cavity systems provide a non-linear configuration of hybridized light-matter states with promising quantum-optical applications. Here, we investigate the coherent interaction between strong laser pulses and quantum dot-cavity polaritons. Resonant excitation of polaritonic states and their interaction with phonons allow us to observe coherent Rabi oscillations and Ramsey fringes. Furthermore, we demonstrate complete coherent control of a quantum dot-photonic crystal cavity based quantum-bit. By controlling the excitation power and phase in a two-pulse excitation scheme we achieve access to the full Bloch sphere. Quantum-optical simulations are in good agreement with our experiments and provide insight into the decoherence mechanisms.