Toxicon : Letter from the outgoing editor

Harvey, Alan (2017) Toxicon : Letter from the outgoing editor. Toxicon, 132. p. 18. ISSN 1879-3150 (

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On 1st April 2017, Toxicon will have a new Editor-in-Chief, Professor Glenn King of the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, University of Queensland. Glenn has been an active member of Toxicon's editorial board for many years, and he has interests in the biological effects of a broad range of animal toxins. As shown by his publications, he is an exceptional toxinologist, and he is exceptionally well-placed to lead Toxicon to its next phase of development. Toxicon was launched in October 1962, so it is well into its 55th year. It has grown from publishing less than 50 articles a year (about 250 pages) to around 250 articles each year (over 2000 pages). The number of papers submitted to the journal has also grown considerably: last year saw a record 601 submissions. With the shift from a traditional print-only process to electronic plus print publishing, the time to process manuscripts has fallen markedly from an average of 35 weeks in 1992 to about 15 weeks in 2016. Another development has been electronic access to Toxicon: last year, there were over 578,000 full-text downloads of Toxicon articles. Since its launch in 1962, Toxicon has had only five editors (Findlay Russell and Paul Saunders, 1962–1969; Philip Rosenberg and Findlay Russell, 1970–1979; Philip Rosenberg and Gerhard Habermehl, 1980–1991; and myself, 1992–2017). All of the editors shared an enthusiastic interest in toxins and believed that Toxicon provided a great platform for the many diverse aspects of toxinology. I am sure that the community will welcome Glenn King as Toxicon’ s new Editor-in-Chief and will give him the strong support that helped me throughout the last 24 years.