Scotland in the 2017 UK General Election

Higgins, Michael; Thorsen, Einar and Jackson, Dan and Lilleker, Darren, eds. (2017) Scotland in the 2017 UK General Election. In: UK Election Analysis 2017. Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community (CSJCC), Bournemouth, p. 106. ISBN 9781910042144 (

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It will be clear across this report that the 2017 UK General Election was called on a single issue. Just as Edward Heath went to the voters in 1974 to ask “who rules Britain”, 2017 election saw the Conservatives’ Theresa May demand the confidence of the electorate in negotiating the UK’s exit from the European Union. Neither request produced the desired response: Heath was removed from office and May’s anticipated increased majority crumbled to a minority administration. To some extent, such altered prospects are to be expected in the information vortex of an election contest. The tragedies that befall a functioning state, along with the interests and tactics of opposing parties, buffer and derail even the most robust campaign messages, and therefore played havoc with the conspicuously-vacuous “strong and stable” slogan favoured by Conservative strategists.


Higgins, Michael ORCID logoORCID:; Thorsen, Einar, Jackson, Dan and Lilleker, Darren