Queer Pädagogik : Annäherungen an ein Forschungsfeld

Kenklies, Karsten and Waldmann, Maximilian, eds. (2016) Queer Pädagogik : Annäherungen an ein Forschungsfeld. Klinkhardt, Bad Heilbrunn. ISBN 978-3781521377

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For a long time the connection of queer and pedagogy in the German-speaking academic context was considered non-existent. Although there has been a lively debate over the relationship between queer and pedagogy in the English-speaking world for more than two decades, the scientific contributions to this topic are still a bipartisan. What distinguishes a queer pedagogy and what makes it different from other, seemingly meaning-related terms? The anthology tries to answer these and other questions. The contributions can be understood as exemplary discussions for the research field of a queer pedagogy; They certainly set the framework for such a field. In this way, the volume presented here is both an invitation to perceive and recognize the contours of the research field as a specific field of research as well as an invitation to participate in the tense discussion space.