Waiting to inhale : marijuana’s past and future in Canada

(2016) Waiting to inhale : marijuana’s past and future in Canada. ActiveHistory.ca, Canada. (http://activehistory.ca/waiting-to-inhale-marijuan...)

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In this series of articles, edited by Erika Dyck and Lucas Richert bring law enforcement, healthcare, activists, and business leaders into conversation with historians as we consider the tenuous balance between consumers and regulators, the Canadian physician as unwanted gatekeepers, marijuana as a measure (and potential leveler) of inequities, and the rocky emergence of the medical marijuana industry. While much of the media coverage has pitted these players off against one another, we aim to enrich the dialogue by blurring these boundaries and developing some big picture analysis of the cannabis debates. See here http://activehistory.ca/waiting-to-inhale-marijuanas-past-and-future-in-canada/