Simulation of wave effect on ship hydrodynamics by RANSE

Gao, Qiuxin and Vassalos, Dracos; Neves, Marcelo Almeida Santos and Belenky, Vadim L. and de Kat, Jean Otto and Spyrou, Kostas and Umeda, Naoya, eds. (2011) Simulation of wave effect on ship hydrodynamics by RANSE. In: Contemporary Ideas on Ship Stability and Capsizing in Waves. Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications . Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 723-733. ISBN 9789400714816 (

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The application of advanced numerical methods based on the solution of RANSE and VOF equations on the prediction of ship hydrodynamics is presented. The test cases selected are restrained and free oblique motions of a container ship with the effect of incoming wave. The computed and measured results are compared. The general agreements between calculations and experiments are satisfying.


Gao, Qiuxin and Vassalos, Dracos ORCID logoORCID:; Neves, Marcelo Almeida Santos, Belenky, Vadim L., de Kat, Jean Otto, Spyrou, Kostas and Umeda, Naoya