Grain growth during annealing of cryogenically-rolled Cu-30Zn brass

Konkova, Tatyana and Mironov, Sergey and Korznikov, Alexander and Korznikova, Galia and Myshlyaev, Mikhail M. and Semiatin, S. Lee (2016) Grain growth during annealing of cryogenically-rolled Cu-30Zn brass. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 666. pp. 170-177. ISSN 0925-8388

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    The grain-growth behavior of cryogenically-rolled Cu-30Zn brass during isothermal annealing at 900 °C was examined. The observed microstructure coarsening was interpreted in terms of normal grain growth with a grain-growth exponent of ∼4. The relatively slow grain-growth kinetics was attributed to the formation of precipitates at the grain boundaries and the interaction of texture and grain growth. The development of a moderate-strength {110}<uvw> α fiber texture (∼4 times random) as well as the presence of a limited number of twin variants within the grains suggested the occurrence of variant selection during annealing.