Lançando luzes sobre a gestão de operações do setor eletroeletrônico brasileiro

Jabbour, Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa and Jabbour, Charbel José Chiappetta (2012) Lançando luzes sobre a gestão de operações do setor eletroeletrônico brasileiro. Revista de Administração Pública, 46 (3). pp. 817-840. ISSN 1982-3134

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    This article aims to present and discuss the operations management in the Brazilian electronics sector. The electronics sector is one of the most important in Brazil, accounting for 4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Much of the available literature focuses on the discussion of policies to strengthen the sector, without, however, to discuss its operations management, yet little known. To fill this gap in the literature, a quantitative research has been conducted, through a survey with companies of the Brazilian Association of Electrical and Electronics Industry (Abinee). The collected data were supplemented with secondary data, drawing a big picture about the sector in Brazil. The results indicate the need for companies to invest more in using information technology to expand the integration of processes, planning and developing products integrating with customers and suppliers, increases adoption of management practices in the supply chain. The originality of this paper is to shed light on the operations management of an economically relevant sector generating insights for scholars, practitioners and policymakers focused on Brazilian electronics sector.