Investigation of a 2-colour undulator FEL using Puffin

Campbell, L T. and McNeil, B. W. J. and Reiche, S.; Scholl, Caitlin and Schaa, Volker RW, eds. (2013) Investigation of a 2-colour undulator FEL using Puffin. In: FEL 2013. JACoW, USA, pp. 47-51. ISBN 9783954501267

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    Initial studies of a 2-colour FEL amplifier using one monoenergetic electron beam are presented. The interaction is modelled using the unaveraged, broadband FEL code Puf- fin. A series of undulator modules are tuned to generate two resonant frequencies along the FEL interaction and a self-consistent 2-colour FEL interaction at widely spaced non-harmonic wavelengths at 1nm and 2.4nm is demonstrated.