Atomic data for the astrophysics : Fe XII soft X-ray lines.

Del Zanna, G. and Storey, P. J. and Badnell, N. R. and Mason, H.E. (2012) Atomic data for the astrophysics : Fe XII soft X-ray lines. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 543. A139. ISSN 0004-6361

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    We present new large-scale R-matrix (up to n = 4) and distorted-wave (DW, up to n = 6) scattering calculations for electron collisional excitation of Fe xii. The first aim is to provide accurate atomic data for the soft X-rays, where strong decays from the n = 4 levels are present. As found in previous work on Fe x, resonances attached to n = 4 levels increase the cross-sections for excitations from the ground state to some n = 4 levels, when compared to DW calculations. Cascading from higher levels is also important. We provide a number of models and line intensities, and list a number of strong unidentified lines. The second aim is to assess the effects of the large R-matrix calculation on the n = 3 transitions. Compared to our previous (n = 3) R-matrix calculation, we find overall excellent agreement to within a few percent, however a few key density diagnostic EUV intensities differ by about 60% at coronal densities. The new atomic data result in lower electron densities, resolving previous discrepancies with solar observations.