Alkali metal magnesiates : reagents for regioselective double metalations

O'Hara, Charles (2016) Alkali metal magnesiates : reagents for regioselective double metalations. In: Gordon Research Conference: Organometallic Chemistry. Newport, Rhode Island USA, 2016-07-10 - 2016-07-15, Salve Regina University.

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When a sodium (or potassium) reagent is combined with a magnesium one to form a single organometallic bimetallic entity, a special chemistry which cannot be replicated by either individual metal reagent can be obtained. In terms of deprotonative metalation, the mixed alkyl-amido sodium magnesium complex 'Na4Mg2(TMP)6nBu2', where TMP is 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidide, has been shown to be capable of regioselectively deprotonating simple mono-substituted feedstock arenes, some at 2,5 positions and others at 3,5. Here this work is extended to multi-aryl species and heterocycles.