Towards microfluidic reactors for in situ synchrotron infrared studies

Silverwood, I. P. and Al-Rifai, N. and Cao, E. and Nelson, D. J. and Chutia, A. and Wells, P. P. and Nolan, S. P. and Frogley, M. D. and Cinque, G. and Gavriilidis, A. and Catlow, C. R. A. (2016) Towards microfluidic reactors for in situ synchrotron infrared studies. Review of Scientific Instruments, 87. 024101. ISSN 0034-6748

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    Anodically bonded etched silicon microfluidic devices that allow infrared spectroscopic measurement of solutions are reported. These extend spatially well-resolved in situ infrared measurement to higher temperatures and pressures than previously reported, making them useful for effectively time-resolved measurement of realistic catalytic processes. A data processing technique necessary for the mitigation of interference fringes caused by multiple reflections of the probe beam is also described

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    Silverwood, I. P., Al-Rifai, N., Cao, E., Nelson, D. J. ORCID logoORCID:, Chutia, A., Wells, P. P., Nolan, S. P., Frogley, M. D., Cinque, G., Gavriilidis, A. and Catlow, C. R. A.;