Effect of noise on human performance on board ships

Kurt, Rafet Emek and Turan, O.; (2011) Effect of noise on human performance on board ships. In: Human factors in ship design and operation. Royal Institution of Naval Architects, GBR, pp. 17-23. ISBN 9781905040919

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Most shipping accidents can be attributed to human error and one of the main influences on the crews' performance and reliability is the environmental conditions on board such as vibrations, ship motions temperature etc. Noise from the engines and machinery is one of the key environmental conditions which have been identified as a major factor effecting human operations on-board. Therefore this paper, through careful research and the utilisation of an experimental case study, will firstly demonstrate and examine noise exposure assessments of vessels in operation, introduce an innovative ship simulator noise exposure experiment and finally analyse the results and feedback in order to determine the effects that noise exposure has on crew performance and well being on board ships. By conducting this research it is envisaged that a relationship can be derived between noise exposure and crew performance.


Kurt, Rafet Emek ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5923-0703 and Turan, O.;