European Red List of Marine Fishes

Nieto, A. and Ralph, G.M. and Comeros-Raynal, M.T. and Kemp, J. and Garcia Criado, M. and Allen, D.J. and Dulvy, N.K. and Walls, R.H.L. and Russell, B. and Pollard, D. and García, S. and Craig, M. and Collette, B.B. and Pollom, R. and Biscoito, M. and Labbish Chao, N. and Abella, A. and Afonso, P. and Álvarez, H. and Carpenter, K.E. and Clò, S. and Cook, R. and Costa, M.J. and Delgado, J. and Dureuil, M. and Ellis, J.R. and Farrell, E.D. and Fernandes, P. and Florin, A-B. and Fordham, S. and Fowler, S. and Gil de Sola, L. and Gil Herrera, J. and Goodpaster, A. and Harvey, M. and Heessen, H. and Herler, J. and Jung, A. and Karmovskaya, E. and Keskin, C. and Knudsen, S.W. and Kobyliansky, S. and Kovačić, M. and Lawson, J.M. and Lorance, P. and McCully Phillips, S. and Munroe, T. and Nedreaas, K. and Nielsen, J. and Papaconstantinou, C. and Polidoro, B. and Pollock, C.M. and Rijnsdorp, A.D. and Sayer, C. and Scott, J. and Serena, F. and Smith-Vaniz, W.F. and Soldo, A. and Stump, E. and Williams, J.T. (2015) European Red List of Marine Fishes. [Report]

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The European Red List is a review of the conservation status of European species according to IUCN regional Red Listing guidelines. It identifies those species that are threatened with extinction at the regional level, so that appropriate conservation action can be taken to improve their status. This Red List publication summarises results for all described native European marine fishes.


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