Tailored sheared blanks produced by incremental ECAP

Rosochowski, Andrzej and Olejnik, Lech and Rosochowska, Malgorzata (2015) Tailored sheared blanks produced by incremental ECAP. Key Engineering Materials, 651-653. pp. 651-656. ISSN 1013-9826

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    Incremental equal channel angular pressing (I-ECAP) is a process used for production of continuous ultrafine grained bars, plates and sheets. Normally the thickness of the processed billet is kept unchanged in consecutive passes to enable repetitive insertion into the same die. This is achieved by controlling the bottom dead centre of the reciprocating punch. However, if a final product requires being thinner and therefore longer, the bottom position of the punch can be lowered before the last pass. Going further, the bottom position of the punch can be changed during the process, which opens up a possibility to vary billet thickness along its length. Such a product, especially sheet, can serve as a preform for further metal forming operations and is known as tailored blank. This paper will show examples of varying thickness sheets produced by different configurations of I-ECAP. Experimental and finite element results will be presented.