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K + F az ISO-ban : Nemtipizálható folyamatok minősítése

Dörfler, Viktor and Baracskai, Z. (1999) K + F az ISO-ban : Nemtipizálható folyamatok minősítése. Masters thesis, Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Text (KpluszF_ISOsitasa)
Accepted Author Manuscript

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“One can earn a lot of money by talking about quality.  Even more by providing consultancy on quality.  Soon the time will come when quality itself brings the most money.” (Zoltán Baracskai) I wrote a book on quality management, and Zoltán Baracskai wrote the above words in the foreword of that book.  It caused me a great dealof headache and sleepless nights.  In studyI am primarily writing about what I have read, learned and discovered overthese sleepless nights.  For instance, Ihad to consider questions, such as whether the atomic bomb, the Barbie-doll andthe Tamagotchi represent good quality.  Irealised that as quality is a value, I cannot avoid dealing with morality andethics as well. First I thought thatthe ISO is the most horrifying thing humans could possibly invent.  I was seeing an Orwellian world.  Later I realised that the situation is not sobad after all.  There is nothing wrongwith the ISO itself, but sometimes things are wrong with people applying it.  I also have a few recommendations on how toavoid some of the most dangerous traps.