Energy transfer and dissipation in forced isotropic turbulence

McComb, W. D. and Berera, A. and Yoffe, S. R. and Linkmann, M. F. (2015) Energy transfer and dissipation in forced isotropic turbulence. Physical Review E, 91 (4). 043013. ISSN 1539-3755

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    A model for the Reynolds number dependence of the dimensionless dissipation rate Cε was derived from the dimensionless Kármán-Howarth equation, resulting in Cε = Cε,∞ +C/RL + O(1/RL ), where RL is the integral scale Reynolds number. The coefficients C and Cε,∞ arise from asymptotic expansions of the dimensionless second- and third-order structure functions. This theoretical work was supplemented by direct numerical simulations (DNS) of forced isotropic turbulence for integral scale Reynolds numbers up to RL = 5875 (Rλ = 435), which were used to establish that the decay of dimensionless dissipation with increasing Reynolds number took the form of a power law RLn with exponent value n = −1.000 ± 0.009, and that this decay of Cε was actually due to the increase in the Taylor surrogate U3/L. The model equation was fitted to data from the DNS which resulted in the value C = 18.9 ± 1.3 and in an asymptotic value for Cε in the infinite Reynolds number limit of Cε,∞ = 0.468 ± 0.006.

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