Low frequency responses, and wave dispersion in dusty plasmas

Tsytovich, V. N. and Angelis, U. de and Bingham, R. (2001) Low frequency responses, and wave dispersion in dusty plasmas. Physical Review Letters, 87. 185003. ISSN 0031-9007

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The self-consistent dusty-plasma response found in the kinetic theory [V. N. Tsytovich and U. de Angelis, Phys. Plasmas 6, 1093 (1999)] is generalized to include collisions of all species with neutrals, a situation often important in the experiments, and used to derive a new dispersion relation for low-frequency waves in dusty plasmas. An estimate of the differences with previous results is given for the particular case of dust-acoustic waves without the effects of collisions with neutrals: the present theory reproduces the result of Rao, Shukla, and Yu [Planet. Space Sci. 38, 543 (1990)] only for low dust density and small wavelengths, but strong deviations occur at larger wavelengths and dust densities.