Guidelines for Eco-lodge Development in Egypt

Patterson, Anne and Salama, Ashraf M and Samy, Magda and El-Aroussy, Sanaya and Winter, Nicholas and Abdel-Gamrawi, Ragaei and Neamatallah, Monir and El-Gamrawi, Sherif (1999) Guidelines for Eco-lodge Development in Egypt. Tourism Development Authority, Egypt, Cairo.

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An ambitions strategic plan for tourism development various regions in Egypt is currently implemented. Without adequate concern for environmental protection this development could cause ecological threats. Introducing eco-tourism and the underlying support infrastructure and facilities has harvested many benefits in countries that have unique cultural and natural resources. A number of research studies and survey efforts have been undertaken during the period between 1996 and 1999 with the aim to instigate parameters for encouraging eco-tourism development and the necessary control mechanisms. These efforts have resulted in three reports which were presented in various seminars and were disseminated to local authorities, developers, architects, and planners, toward informed decisions: 1. Eco-Tourism and the Egyptian Context 2. Eco-Friendly Lodges in Egyptian Settings 3. Requirements for Eco-Lodge Design in Egypt