Carbon capture and storage - solidification and storage of CO2 captured on ships

Wang, Haibin and Zhou, Peilin; Guedes Soares, C. and López Peña, F., eds. (2013) Carbon capture and storage - solidification and storage of CO2 captured on ships. In: Developments in Maritime Transportation and Exploitation of Sea Resources. CRC Press, ESP, pp. 609-618. ISBN 9781138001244 (

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To meet the IMO (International Maritime Organization) target of 20% reduction of CO2 emissions from marine activities by 2020, application of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) on ships is an effective way to mitigate the CO2 emission while other low carbon shipping technologies are being developed. A comprehensive literature review on CCS methods used onshore has indicated that the current CCS technologies could not be implemented on boards mechanically due to various limitations on ships. In this paper, a novel chemical CO2 absorption and solidification method for CO2 storage onboard is proposed, presented and analyzed. Technical feasibility with principles explanation and cost assessment are carried out for a case ship with a comparison with conventional methods. The paper also presents results obtained from laboratory experiment. Theoretical study and laboratory experiment have shown that the proposed CO2 solidification method is a promising, cost effective and practicable method for CO2emission reduction on ships.


Wang, Haibin ORCID logoORCID: and Zhou, Peilin ORCID logoORCID:; Guedes Soares, C. and López Peña, F.