Disordered laser gain media : Er3+ doped CaGdAlO4 and Ca3Ga2Ge4O14

Wells, Jon-Paul R. and Han, Thomas P.J. and Yamaga, Mitsuo and Kodama, Nobuhiro and Gallagher, Hugh G. (2000) Disordered laser gain media : Er3+ doped CaGdAlO4 and Ca3Ga2Ge4O14. Journal of Luminescence, 87–89. pp. 1093-1095. ISSN 0022-2313

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We report on the optical spectroscopy of trivalent erbium ions doped into compositionally disordered oxide host materials, CaGdAlO4 and Ca3Ga2Ge3O14. In either material, averaged spectral linewidths of close to 40 cm-1 are measured to be concentration independent up to 5 mol% of the dopant ion. For laser excitation resonant with the 4I15/24F9/2 and 4I13/24F5/2 and 4F3/2 transitions, intense blue and green upconversion fluorescence is observed. Dips in the upconversion excitation spectra are attributable to radiative energy transfer (or self-absorption) which is known to enhance energy storage and upconversion.